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Minecraft - Rally to Educate

NJTL of Trenton's newest educational program.

In 2020, NJTL of Trenton piloted a new program called “Rally to Educate” using Minecraft Education and Zoom technologies. Minecraft Education is a fun, interactive learning tool to help children understand not the traditional way through textbooks but rather through engaging interactive online games that keep children engaged. Minecraft Education is virtual building of games that children love by using their creativity to build.


“Now more than ever, students in the Trenton community needed an alternative virtual learning experience to stay focused and on track to achieve the education experience that has been removed from their everyday life,” said Bob Loonie, NJTLT Executive Director, in introducing the NJTLT’s new program.


During the pandemic NJTLT embarked on innovative strategic initiatives to impact students educationally not only with traditional longstanding after school teaching but in a virtual format. Rally to Educate supplements what is missed in a classroom environment.


Loonie praised the Smith Family Foundation for its generous grant that enabled NJTLT to fund this program with the necessary equipment, software and teachers that has made it a success. “Our students are the future of greater Trenton and they certainly deserve every opportunity to learn," said Katherine Nunnally, Executive Director of the Smith Family Foundation. “We are happy to make a difference to our future.”

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