Bloomberg Startup offers high school participants the opportunity for career development through career readiness workshops.  Students have the chance to hear from Bloomberg employees and spend time with Bloomberg mentors who offer their knowledge and experience about their career paths.  Once a month they go to Bloomberg’s office in Skillman, New Jersey to attend one of these workshops. Food and transportation are provided.

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Contact Denard McLendon,, for more information.

The College Access Program (CAP) with Rider University Multicultural Student Leadership Institute, Partners Assisting Learning for Students (PALS) offers students in middle through high school opportunities to spend time on Rider University’s campus with students in the PALS program to prepare them for a future at a college/university. Through once a month visits the students will attend college like seminars, and college preparation workshops! CAP will help prepare ASHE participants to get to college and be ready for the college experience.

Some of the events include attending chaperoned Division 1 basketball games, attending plays/productions, hearing from Rider Professors; and spending time with Rider students to discuss essay writing, college applications, SAT/ACTs, majors etc. Food is provided.

We are working to expand the program to host one on one tutoring with the Rider PALS for our ASHE participants.

 Contact Denard McLendon,, for more information.

The Princeton Mentoring Program matches up a Princeton student with one of our players.  Through the mentorship our students are helped with picking a college/university, finding programs, test prep, essay prep, etc. It’s catered to what the student needs to accomplish for the schools of their choice.

Contact Denard McLendon,, for more information.

Lawrenceville Prep School Big Red Program is a writing program for middle school students that is designed to help them write essays and prepare them for possibly writing application essays for prep school.

Contact Denard McLendon,, for more information.


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