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The Ashe Program is designed for children who show a strong interest in becoming an advanced tennis player and exhibit the four core values of the NJTL of Trenton.

1. Creating a diverse and inclusive atmosphere in which children strive for academic excellence and enjoy the process of learning.

2. Opening doors to educational opportunities, enabling children to reach their potential.

3. Responsibly develops character through lessons learned in understanding what it takes to be successful.

4. Enabling access to affordable quality programming that promotes regular exercise and healthy lifestyles in the communities it serves.

Ashe provides a structured pathway of academic enrichment, mentoring, college preparation, year round advanced tennis training, subsidized tournament competition/travel, scholarships, internships and employment opportunities. The program targets youth residing in Trenton and bordering neighborhoods in Ewing and Hamilton.

INVITATION ONLY/TRY OUT REQUIRED – For information how your child can join an Ashe Program,

Contact Director of Programs and Communications / Brielle Gist / Email:

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