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Capital Cup Jumpstarts deGrouchy Scholarship Fund

The 2017 Capital Cup was a lovely day, in every way.

More than eighty tennis players, including boys and girls from our Ashe Elite program, competed in several categories. We raised $4,000 to support our programs from sponsorships and registration fees.

As the tennis play concluded and we moved onto the hon

oring of Jack deGrouchy, more than two hundred family members and friends of Jack joined us for dinner on the lawn at Trenton Country Club. As a founding member of NJTL of Trenton, Jack continues to serve on the board and to believe passionately in the mission. To mark this event, Jack helped establish a new scholarship fund for our Ashe Elite students in their pursuit of college education. We are very pleased to report that almost $25,000 has been contributed to the Jack deGrouchy Scholarship Fund.

We are still seeking donations to reach our goal. Please click here to donate today.

Thank you!

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